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Our Service

Skilled in developing the business prowess and wealth of those starting out in business and growing business success of the more experienced, Jennifer Frusher Chartered Accountant offers a range of core standard services:

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Taxation

She also provides a platform of developmental programs and support services for those seeking improvement, business growth and diversification:

  • Strategic management
  • Small business development
  • Succession planning
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Business restructuring
  • Business improvement

Jennifer Frusher believes that excellent service is not solely about what you do for clients but how you do it.  For Jenny, this translates into a practice culture that strives to provide the very best – a quality reliable and personal service that is the hallmark of Jennifer Frusher’s reputation and success.

Others might claim that they know all the ‘right answers’ – often a rash and foolhardy assumption.  Jenny does better than that – she knows the importance of asking the ‘right questions’. Through her trusting relationship with each unique client and their unique context, her local knowledge and outstanding skill set are a strong and enduring foundation for finding local solutions that will work for local clients.

For Jenny and the team, everything is a ‘work in progress’.  Having built a practice culture that is always learning, they are constantly seeking quality improvement.  If they don’t know the answers, they know how and where to find them.  This team delivers what they say they will. 

Highly skilled in empathetic listening, Jenny is convinced that to listen carefully and sensitively to the client’s problems and issues is paramount to serving them effectively, efficiently and thoroughly.

Jennifer Frusher Chartered Accountant doesn’t measure success by how many awards or business achievements she gains.  Her reward is seeing clients grow their wealth, gain confidence in their own ability and business ‘know-how’ and take the steps they need to take in order to develop, grow and diversify their business.

Building special professional relationships work both ways:  The client gains a unique service that brings them closer to their dream; she dares to dream by being authentically who and what she is, doing business in harmony with her core values and vision, taking immense pleasure and satisfaction in her clients’ successes.